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our methodology

An effective way of learning:

According to new trends of language teaching, it is necessary to integrate emotions, previous experiences, motivation, practice, determination, conscious learning, etc. in the whole learning process. In escuela habla we base our methodology on this communicative-experiential approach, due to its effectiveness and because it makes the student be the actual protagonist of their own learning. Moreover, taking into account that there are continuous advances in the teaching field, we think that it is essential for all teachers to keep updated in the latest educational theories and trends, as well as the most innovative techniques. We often recycle our knowledge in order to offer you a solid and durable language learning.

the learning practice we offer

Learn Spanish by doing things in Spanish:

The best way of learning Spanish is by immersion in a Spanish-speaking country, as long as it implies a real integration into the place, that is: living the language and culture with people who actually know them, making you learn in the most fully way. In escuela habla we would like to reinforce your stay in Spain so that you make the most of it. How? By making you experience situations in Spanish which are also part of your life, your interests or needs. In this way, you will be able to manage them with self-assurance and autonomy.

how you learn

Live the process of learning Spanish at your own pace:

You communicate in real situations.
You choose the activities which suit your needs best, both inside and outside the classroom.
You talk about topics of your interest, as well as current and issues of the Hispanic world.
You learn to do things in Spanish.
You get to know Spanish-speaking people.
You find out more about our culture and customs.
You take part in the events of the town.
You visit interesting, cultural, leisure and natural places and get to know better Spanish culture.
You put all the communication skills into practice.
You learn grammar with a different approach.
You are accompanied by language and teaching professionals.
You use Spanish every day, in the real and the online world as well.
… and much more!


If you want to know what you can participate in to learn Spanish in a different way with escuela habla, take a look at the courses and activities, as well as the schedule.

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