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Do you know Segovia? In escuela habla we think that it is a magical place and we are convinced that it is an ideal town to learn Spanish. For this reason, we would like you to be part of the town and its province, to walk down the streets and discover its unique spots, and to enjoy with us the experience of improving your Spanish.

Would you like to know what makes Segovia so special? Here are some reasons you will love Segovia for:



Did you know that Segovia was registered as a World Heritage City in 1985 by the UNESCO?

Moreover, many different places from the town and the province have become the scene of an endless amount of movies, thanks to their beauty. Among its valuable historic and artistic heritage (which is in perfect condition) there are some monuments that stand out: its famous Roman AQUEDUCT, the magical Alcazar, the majestic Gothic cathedral and many churches which were the center of life in the town quarters at that time. Besides, you can go out from the town and visit any of our 200 beautiful villages and enjoy sites such as the ravines of the Duraton river or the national park Sierra de Guadarrama, if you are keen on NATURE.



You can enjoy several cultural or leisure activities every week: fun is guaranteed!

Many festivities and EVENTS fill the streets of the town throughout the year with color, people and life: Titirimundi (International Puppet Festival), the Holy Week, MUCES (Segovia’s European Film Festival), Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts (Segovia is home to this festival in Spain) are just a few examples of all the events you can enjoy in the town. But let’s not forget the province!: the medieval and baroque fairs, the Night of the Candles in the medieval village of Pedraza, the Magical Nights in La Granja… Segovia never rests!



Segovia is located in the south of Castile and Leon, just an hour from Madrid.

From the town you can travel easily to other villages of Segovia and go to other beautiful places from the region too, like SALAMANCA or Valladolid. Besides, as it is so close to MADRID, you can use your days off to visit it, go shopping there, watch any sport competition, etc. You can even travel from Madrid to other interesting Spanish cities, such as Toledo, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia…



The light of the town is so special and lovely, that it is known as the “Light of Castile”.

The color of its landscapes changes throughout the year, making each season so very special. In the WINTER the mountains are covered in white and the snow reaches most of the places of the town and the province. SPRING and AUTUMN fill the scenery with flowers and leaves, fruits and mushrooms and changeable weather (sunny, rainy, windy… on the same day!). However, there is no doubt that the light stands out especially in the SUMMER, when the traditional yellow fields of the Castilian plateau spread through the provinces and the blue sky seems endless.



Segovia has witnessed several historic events, for instance…

Queen Isabella was crowned there and the first book published in Spain is another major event in the province. Moreover, there are several CASTLES with their own history in many villages and towns: Pedraza, Coca, Cuéllar…, demonstrating the name of the region (Castilla means “land of castles”). It is no coincidence that the Spanish language is also known as CASTELLANO, because it originated in Castile. Besides, there are many buildings that prove the historic importance of Segovia; for instance, one of the best glass factories in Europe during the 18th century (and still operating!) was created in La Granja de San Ildefonso and several centuries before that, currency was produced in the Spanish Royal Mint (which is a museum now). The three main cultures at that time (Christian, Islamic and Jewish) left their legacy in Segovia, thanks to which you can admire now several Romanesque churches, beautiful ESGRAFIADO (sgraffitoon the buildings and a well preserved Jewish quarter. Segovia is living history!


pleasing to the palate

Honoring the good name of Castilian cities, Segovia can boast a wide and tasty gastronomic selection.

It offers great QUALITY products and TRADITIONAL methods of cooking them. This makes our cuisine another reason to visit Segovia. Big beans, chickpeas, the roast suckling pig, handmade beers, wines of great international reputation… these are just a few “delicious” examples of all you can have, both in restaurants and bars, where the TAPAS always come with the drinks. Try and convince yourself!


welcoming and relaxed

You will feel like home in Segovia, because it is easy to know lots of people and go for a peaceful walk.

It is a small town, with only 53,000 inhabitants in the proper town and 100,000 along its province. There are no big distances, you can go by foot everywhere or take the bus or the bicycle. Apart from this, the million tourists who visit us each year feel at ease there, because it is a very SAFE town.The implication and the opinion of the citizens have also an increasing importance. For instance, there are some mobile apps, like Línea Verde or AlertCops, which allow people to solve doubts or communicate incidents. You will soon realize that Segovian people are really nice guys 🙂


You may not believe that such a small place can offer you so many things! If you are willing to make the most of your experience here, join the courses and activities of escuela habla and you will enjoy all these lovely aspects in a different way.

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